2020-2021 Holton Wrestling Update

The Holton varsity wrestling team will return to action after the Christmas break on Jan. 5 at Tonganoxie in a dual with the Traiblazers, according to its schedule.

The varsity Wildcats won a dual at Sabetha on Dec. 17 by the score of 62-16.

The individual results were as follows:

*106: Tucker Gilliland (HOLT) over Nekoda Niehues (SABE) (Fall 0:52).

*113: Cale Hein (HOLT) over Cullen Wikle (SABE) (Fall 2:49).

*120: Jake Barnes (HOLT) over Kellen Menold (SABE) (Fall 0:24).

*126: Kayden Elliott (HOLT) over Kellan Spielman (SABE) (Fall 3:33).

*132: Slater Skaggs (HOLT) over Colin Menold (SABE) (MD 10-2).

*138: Lucas Adcock (HOLT) over Damian Gillette (SABE) (Fall 1:57).

*145: Cayden Jackson (HOLT) over Jonathan Renyer (SABE) (MD 19-8).

*152: Jayden Fletcher (HOLT) over Cole Hinton (SABE) (Fall 4:35).

*160: Kaden Dillon (SABE) over Evan Cundell (HOLT) (Fall 0:26).

*170: Josh Herrmann (SABE) over Trevor Bowser (HOLT) (MD 11-2).

*182: Jacob Kuenzi (SABE) over (HOLT) (For.).

*195: Konnor Tannahill (HOLT) over (SABE) (For.).

*220: Dalton Roush (HOLT) over Landen Carr (SABE) (Fall 2:53).

*285: Dustin Chermok (HOLT) over Joshua Grimm (SABE) (Fall 0:32).


In a dual at Carbondale vs. Santa Fe Trail on Dec. 15, the Holton varsity wrestlers won 48-36.

Individual results were as follows:

*106: Max Black (CSFT) over Tucker Gilliland (HOLT) (Fall 2:00).

*113: Cale Hein (HOLT) over Max Black (CSFT) (Fall 4:00).

*120: Jake Barnes (HOLT) over Ian Meisbach (CSFT) (Fall 0:00).

*126: Trent Sleichter (CSFT) over (HOLT) (For.).

*132: Slater Skaggs (HOLT) over Cody Slavin (CSFT) (Fall 2:00).

*138: Lucas Adcock (HOLT) over Chayse Jeanneret (CSFT) (Fall 4:00).

*145: Luke Greenfield (CSFT) over (HOLT) (For.).

*152: Jayden Fletcher (HOLT) over Kyler Strother (CSFT) (Fall 0:00).

*160: Mason Shore (CSFT) over Garyson Booth (HOLT) (Fall 0:00).

*170: Austin Michaelis (CSFT) over Trevor Bowser (HOLT) (Fall 4:00).

*182: Aidan Slavin (CSFT) over (HOLT) (For.).

*195: Konnor Tannahill (HOLT) over Lucas Bellew (CSFT) (Fall 2:00).

*220: Dalton Roush (HOLT) over Will Rhoades (CSFT) (Fall 0:00).

*285: Dustin Chermok (HOLT) over (CSFT) (For.)


In a dual at Meriden against Jefferson West, the Holton varsity wrestlers won 54-18.

Individual results were as follows:

*106: Tucker Gilliland (HOLT) over (MJW) (For.).

*113: Theron Meyer (MJW) over Cale Hein (HOLT) (Fall 4:00).

*120: Jake Barnes (HOLT) over (MJW) (For.)

*126: Double Forfeit.

*132: Slater Skaggs (HOLT) over (MJW) (For.).

*138: Double Forfeit.

*145: Lucas Adcock (HOLT) over Patrick Barnes (MJW) (Fall 0:00).

*152: Jayden Fletcher (HOLT) over (MJW) (For.).

*160: Garyson Booth (HOLT) over Taylor Streeter (MJW) (Fall 0:00).

*170: Eli Martin (MJW) over Evan Cundell (HOLT) (Fall 2:00).

*182: Taelur Barnes (MJW) over Trevor Bowser (HOLT) (Fall 2:00).

*195: Konnor Tannahill (HOLT) over Shawn Grey (MJW) (Fall 2:00).

*220: Dalton Roush (HOLT) over Ryan Oesterrich (MJW) (Fall 0:00).

*285: Dustin Chermok (HOLT) over (MJW) (For.)


In a dual vs. Burlington on Dec. 8, the Holton varsity won 46-24.

Individual results were as follows:

*106: Tucker Gilliland (HOLT) over Ethan Bartley (BURL) (MD 10-0).

*113: Cale Hein (HOLT) over Brody Reynolds (BURL) (MD 8-0).

*120: Jake Barnes (HOLT) over Owen McManus (BURL) (Fall 0:00).

*126: Kayden Elliott (HOLT) over Tristan Devening (BURL) (Fall 2:00).

*132: Slater Skaggs (HOLT) over Mitch Broyles (BURL) (Fall 0:00).

*138: Lucas Adcock (HOLT) over Gage Shetler (BURL) (TF 17-2 2:00).

*145: Cadeon Berkenmeier (BURL) over Caleb Hernandez (HOLT) (TF 19-4 4:00).

*152: Daniel Bartley (BURL) over (HOLT) (For.).

*160: Jayden Fletcher (HOLT) over Damon Hoback (BURL) (Dec 5-3).

*170: Eli Crutchfield (BURL) over Garyson Booth (HOLT) (Dec 4-2).

*182: Brock Zimmerman (BURL) over Trevor Bowser (HOLT) (MD 11-3).

*195: Wayne Rohrer (BURL) over (HOLT) (For.).

*220: Dalton Roush (HOLT) over Deric Cole (BURL) (Fall 0:00).

*285: Dustin Chermok (HOLT) over Sam Griffin (BURL) (Fall 0:00)


In a dual with Ottawa on Dec. 8, the Holton varsity wrestlers defeated the Cyclones 47-29.

Individual results were as follows:

*106: Zack Cunningham (OTTA) over Tucker Gilliland (HOLT) (MD 10-0).

*113: Cale Hein (HOLT) over Aiden Finsh (OTTA) (TF 15-0 4:00).

*120: Jake Barnes (HOLT) over Trevor Kaub (OTTA) (Fall 2:00).

*126: Parker Guge (OTTA) over Kayden Elliott (HOLT) (Fall 2:00).

*132: Liam Sutton (OTTA) over Slater Skaggs (HOLT) (Fall 4:00).

*138: Collin Creach (OTTA) over Lucas Adcock (HOLT) (Fall 2:00).

*145: Richard Blevins (OTTA) over Caleb Hernandez (HOLT) (MD 10-1).

*152: Joel Brown (OTTA) over (HOLT) (For.).

*160: Jayden Fletcher (HOLT) over Sam Cleavenger (OTTA) (Fall 0:00).

*170: Kael Lane (OTTA) over Garyson Booth (HOLT) (Dec 4-0).

*182: Wyatt Sink (OTTA) over Trevor Bowser (HOLT) (Fall 4:00).

*195: Jared Ferguson (OTTA) over (HOLT) (For.).

*220: Dalton Roush (HOLT) over Aaron Cleavenger (OTTA) (Fall 2:00).

*285: Dustin Chermok (HOLT) over Tommy Evans (OTTA) (Fall 0:00).

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