Perception is everything

When it comes to good government, perception is everything.

That is why it is so important to thoroughly investigate the many alleged incidents of voter fraud in several different states in the recent presidential election.

Republicans and Democrats alike all have a lot to lose if the American people do not have confidence in the presidential election results.

From the hundreds of thousands of ballots reportedly being delivered in the middle of the night to be counted, to the security video showing poll workers pulling suitcases filled with secret ballots out from under tables to count them in the middle of the night after poll watchers were ordered to leave, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence of voter fraud that needs to be investigated.

Even if all of these allegations turn out to be untrue, they still must be investigated fully and independently. What matters is whether we - the American people - believe that voter fraud occurred. Right now, that is the case for about 70 million Americans who voted to re-elect Trump.

You may not like Trump’s personality, but he deserves a fair shake on the election results, just like all other candidates.

Too many things have happened in the past four years to continuously bash Trump - all with the argument that it has to be done because Trump is bad.

Two wrongs don’t make a right and if voter fraud is OK today because Wall Street and the Democrats want to get rid of this president, then what happens the next time and the time after that?

If the alleged voter fraud in the presidential election is not thoroughly investigated, and resolved to the satisfaction of the American people, then Joe Biden will never have a peaceful minute as the next president.

And just as certain, if the alleged voter fraud is not thoroughly investigated, and resolved to the satisfaction of the American people, then President Donald Trump will never have a peaceful minute after his re-inauguration day, either.

You can fool some Americans some of the time, but you can’t fool all Americans all the time.

President Trump’s appeal to voters stems from the fact that he has expressed interest in things that matter to blue-collar workers. 

Trump’s “America First’’ slogan is not just a campaign slogan any more - it’s an American priority. 

If any people have “awoke’’ in the last four years, it’s the blue-collar Americans who identify with Trump’s programs to “make America great again.’’

On the one hand, we have the Joe Biden supporters, mostly Democrats, who are certain that anyone who voted to re-elect President Trump must be totally stupid.

On the other hand, we have the Trump supporters - Trumpsters- not necessarily Republicans, who are certain that anyone who voted for Biden for president must be totally stupid.

Most Americans can accept it when their presidential candidate gets beat fair and square in an election.

Free and fair elections in this country set us apart from many other countries in the world. We can’t lose that distinction.

Some say there isn’t enough time now to investigate the voter fraud allegations. Maybe the investigations should start with those people.

For America’s sake, we must have confidence in our presidential elections - in all national elections. Let’s get it right and not stop the investigation into voter fraud until we do.

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