October is 4-H Month

It’s National 4-H Month and the list below gives 10 reasons why you might consider 4-H for your kids.

*Leadership skills. Kids learn parliamentary procedure and how to run a successful meeting, and for many youth, it is their first chance to learn about teamwork and cooperation outside of the family unit.

Giving reasons in a judging contest might be terrifying the first few times, but with practice, it becomes easier for kids. Those public speaking and leadership skills will serve your children well throughout their lives.

*Knowledge of agriculture. “How do tractors run? What’s the proper way to handle an animal?” Just ask anyone involved in 4-H. They’ll tell you.

While kids learn  a great deal through “hands-on” experiences on the farm, hearing from other members broadens their knowledge exponentially. 4-H leaders and FFA advisors dedicate their time and experience willingly to make kids better prepared to enter the field of agriculture.

*Healthy living.  4-H provides the building blocks toward a healthy lifestyle. Cooking and sewing clubs provide the basics, so young people learn life skills. Those who participate in 4-H learned similar skills early on and are as comfortable with a mixer or sewing machine as they are with a syringe and needle for giving iron shots to baby pigs.

*Confidence. Instead of playing video games, youth programs get children out of the house and out of their shells so they learn to easily interact with others. 

*Good sportsmanship. We live in a world where “every child is a winner’’ but the truth is there are winners and losers sometimes and kids need to learn to deal with it.

Young people will be competing for internships, jobs, projects and so much more as adults – youth programs help them learn about healthy competition.

*Work ethic. For most farm kids, their work ethic is likely founded on family experiences on the farm, but 4-H certainly contributes in a positive way to that scenario. 

*Community service. 4-Hers pledge their “hands to greater service” and their “health to better living,” for their club, their community, their country and their world. Think of how different the world would be if everyone learned and lived by these words!

*Lifelong friendships. Your kids will make friends who share the same passion for agriculture and those friendships will last a lifetime. The shared experiences give them a common bond that lasts a lifetime. The county fair is one of the highlights of the summer. Lasting friendships are cultivated.

*Educational opportunities. Valuable educational experiences help young people find their passion. 

*And so much more. There are projects in veterinary science, woodworking, sewing, cooking, dairy, horses, swine, citizenship, leadership and many others. The projects, the people and the experiences that kids get through 4-H leave an indelible imprint. The opportunities are endless and expand outside agriculture.

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