The Kennedy Appeal

It turns out there is a presidential candidate in the Democrat Party that is just as much of an outsider as Donald Trump.

That presidential candidate’s name is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and it turns out he is a natural resource conservationist, which is much different and much more grounded in common sense than the green new deal, climate control, woke environmentalists that control President Joe Biden’s administration.

If you’re a Democrat looking for someone to support for president the next go round - and who isn’t, right? - RFK, Jr., age 69, is a candidate to consider. Don’t let his scratchy voice distract from the message he is bringing.

Kennedy, an American environmental lawyer and writer, announced his candidacy a couple months ago and immediately attracted 14 percent of Democrats’ support in a poll. Two weeks later, Kennedy polled at 20 percent support from Democrats.

Kennedy is the son of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1968 shortly after announcing his bid for president. He is also the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963.

Kennedy is also outspoken in his criticism of Anthony Fauci, former director of the National Institute of Allergy And Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to the president, and it’s his view that COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns were especially difficult for working people and children. He rails against big Pharma. He says citizens should choose for themselves whether to receive vaccines. He also says corporate influences on government are corruptive and that censorship fueled by government leaders is intolerable. He is a common sense conservationist who seeks to improve the environment without throwing our entire economy under the bus.

Like former President Trump on the Republican Party side, RFK, Jr. speaks his mind, which is often not in step with the Democrat Party’s liberal think-tank machine and Biden’s green-or-die administrators. 

At the direction of the above-mentioned Democrat Party leaders, major media outlets governed by openly-biased Democrat Party donors are not giving RFK, Jr., much of an opportunity to take his candidacy to the American people.

A presidential primary victory still is not out of RFK, Jr.’s reach, though, despite the obvious bending-the-rules-for-Biden that is going on. That’s how far out of touch the Biden handlers are.

The National Review’s recent assessment of RFK, Jr. included the following: “…Where the enforcers of acceptable opinion see danger and disinformation, voters more likely will notice traits to admire in RFK, Jr. The heavy-handed treatment of Kennedy only draws attention to his independence and resiliency. The man has a toughness to him, and clearly labors under no illusion that he must please or impress the people who are trying to marginalize him…’’

The media tried to marginalize Trump in 2015 and 2016, too, and look what happened.

Is it so wrong to suspect, as Kennedy does, that the many TV and online media outlets that are so reliant on big Pharma-advertising revenue might let that big revenue influence their news coverage when it involves public health topics?

Establishment Democrats have to admit that the prospect of a Kennedy seeking to carry on the ideals of his father, seeking to finish the work of his father that was cut short, has a lot more potential for excitement than anything Biden or VP Kamala Harris can muster….

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