Desperate times sometime require desperate measures

Last Thursday evening’s U.S. presidential political debate televised on CNN revealed what we all already knew about President Joe Biden - that’s his cognitive health is failing and that he has no business running for re-election to another four-year term of office. 

Biden, a Democrat, is 81 and not in good cognitive health. If re-elected, Biden would be 86 at the close of his next four-term term. 

During the debate, Biden looked dazed when called upon to speak, spoke like he was dazed, repeatedly slurred the pronunciation of words, lost his train of thought and got important facts wrong. He did not exude the confidence and strength that is so important to the office of president.

This is what the country gets when we allow the national media to not do its job - that is - require the president to hold regular press conferences in which he is not allowed to simply follow the pre-written script from a teleprompter.

It is pretty clear now, after the televised debate, that Biden needs a pre-written script from a teleprompter to communicate intelligently with the public.

That begs the question: Who is currently running the country now and who is providing the president with his pre-written scripts?

On the other hand, former President Donald Trump, a Republican, is 78 and did look to be in good, overall health at the televised debate, just as he looked when he served as president from 2016 to 2020.

After the debate was over, President Biden’s wife, Jill, praised her husband for answering all of the debate questions like that was a grand accomplishment. There wasn’t much else to say about the president’s debate performance other than it was a bad night for him.

President Biden’s failing condition was the major political topic of discussion over the weekend. CNN TV political commentators, who have been among Biden’s most loyal supporters over the years, were saying that he should not be seeking re-election. They seemed genuinely surprised to see how Biden’s cognitive health is failing

Even members of Biden’s own political party are now calling for him to immediately step down from the presidency and to certainly not seek re-election.

Desperate times sometimes require desperate measures. Will the Biden family and the Democrat Party take necessary actions now to put the country’s well-being and national security first, or will they continue to put their own personal interests ahead of the country? We’ll see.

A new CNN poll says 72 percent of Americans now think Biden is unfit to continue as president due to his failing cognitive health.

Around the world, friends and foes alike of the United States read, see and hear the same things about the president as we Americans do. Our friends must wonder what is going on with our great country while our foes must wonder how they can take advantage of the situation.       

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