Holton Wrestling at Spring Hill 2018

The 2018-2019 Holton Wildcats wrestling team on Friday, Nov. 30 traveled to Spring Hill for the first wrestling meet of the season. The Mat Cats finished the meet 2-3 as a team against some top-notch competition.

The team scores were as follows:

*Olathe South defeated Holton 54-16.

*Holton defeated De Soto 51-27.

*Holton defeated Blue Valley West 50-30.

*Olathe Northwest defeated Holton 43-32.

*St. Thomas Aquinas defeated Holton 63-12.

“Overall, it was an average performance for us,’’ said HHS head coach Cullen Jackson. “We need to clean up the bottom position and our conditioning was lacking but all the mistakes we made are correctible and we’ll show a lot of improvement in the coming weeks.’’

Coach Jackson said Wildcat sophomore Konnor Tannahill was “really, really dominant’’ going 5-0 in his matches.

Sophomore Jake Barnes went 4-1 in his matches and junior Kolby Roush, junior Taygen Fletcher, senior Cael Jackson and freshman Cayden Jackson all went 3-2.

“All of these wrestlers had top notch opponents with two or three of them losing to reigning Calss 5A state champions,’’ coach Jackson said. “This tournament was the toughest it has been in the 10 years that we have been going to it. We knew that we’d take a few lumps but it will be worth it.’’

On Thursday, the varsity and junior varsity wrestlers travel to Santa Fe Trail tournament. The junior varsity tourney there continues on Friday. On Saturday, the varsity and junior varsity wrestlers travel to the Clay Center tourney.

Here are the individual results from the Spring Hill tourney.

*Sophomore Marquez Conley went 1-0.

106 – Conley (Holton) won by forfeit.

*Sophomore Jake Barnes went 4-1.

113 – Barnes (Holton) over Tyler Johnson (Olathe South) by dec. 2-0.

106 – Barnes (Holton) over Luke Olsen (Blue Valley West by fall 1:06.

106 – Barnes (Holton) over Nick Savage (Olathe Northwest) by fall 2:43.

106 – Barnes (Holton) over Nick Nguyen (De Soto) by fall 2:13.

106 – Jordan Habben (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Barnes (Holton) by dec. 4-3.

*Freshman Lucas Adcock went 2-2.

113 – Adcock (Holton) won by forfeit.

113 – Adcock (Holton) over Joe McElwee (Blue Valley West) by fall 3:54.

113 – Brady Pellman (Olathe Northwest) over Adcock (Holton) by major dec. 12-4.

113 – Joe Chames (De Soto) over Adcock (Holton) by fall 1:49.

*Freshman Cayden Jackson went 3-2.

120 – Jackson (Holton) over Grant Sasenick (Blue Valley West) by TF 16-1.

120 – Jackson (Holton) over Mateo Palma (Olathe South) by dec. 4-2.

120 – Caden Howard (Olathe Northwest) over Jackson (Holton) by fall 5:23.

120 – Jackson (Holton) over Zak Kalafut (De Soto) by dec. 11-8.

120 – Malachi Vann (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Jackson (Holton) by fall 2:58.

*Freshman Slater Skaggs went 0-5.

126 – Graham Miller (Blue Valley West) over Skaggs (Holton) by fall 0:37.

126 – Ben Bluel (Olathe South) over Skaggs (Holton) by fall 2:45.

126 – Quintin Talbert (Olathe Northwest) over Skaggs (Holton) by fall 0:52.

126 – Lane Warner (De Soto) over Skaggs (Holton) by fall 3:57.

126 – Logan Elbrader (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Skaggs (Holton) by fall 0:32.

*Junior Kolby Roush went 3-2.

132 – Bret Minor (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Roush (Holton) by fall 0:23.

132 – Roush (Holton) over David O’Brien (Blue Valley West) by fall 1:36.

132 – Dallas Koelzer (Olathe South) over Roush (Holton) by dec. 5-1.

132 – Roush (Holton) over Vlad Honc (Olathe Northwest) TF 16-1.

132 – Roush (Holton) over Luke VanBooven (De Soto) by fall 1:27.

*Junior Taygen Fletcher went 3-2.

138 – Johnny Akin (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Fletcher (Holton) by dec. 6-0.

138 – Fletcher (Holton) over Ryan Schram (Blue Valley West) by dec. 10-3.

138 – Bobby Thomas (Olathe South) over Fletcher (Holton) by fall 5:49.

138 – Fletcher (Holton) over Henry Boutwell (Olathe Northwest) by dec. 5-1.

138 – Fletcher (Holton) won by forfeit.

*Sophomore Conner Gilliland went 1-4.

145 – Nathan Smith (Olathe Northwest) over Gilliland (Holton) by dec. 9-7.

145 – Gilliland (Holton) over Dylan Dossett (De Soto) by fall 1:52.

145 – Jared Simma (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Gilliland (Holton) by fall 1:16.

145 – Zach Schram (Blue Valley West) over Gilliland by fall 0:19.

145 – Jonah Hall (Olathe South) over Gilliland (Holton) by fall 3:44.

*Freshman Conner Collins went 0-5.

152 – Brandon Stowe (Olathe South) over Collins (Holton) by fall 1:08.

152 – John Redmond (Olathe Northwest) over Collins (Holton) by fall 3:36.

152 – Jackson Mocca (De Soto) over Collins (Holton) by fall 2:16.

152 – Corbin Haskett (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Collins (Holton) by fall 0:43.

152 – Sam Kirk (Blue Valley West) over Collins (Holton) by fall 3:10.

*Senior Cael Jackson went 3-2.

160 – Jackson (Holton) over Brooks Lowe (Blue Valley West) by fall 1:26.

160 – Gavin Brown (Olathe South) over Jackson (Holton) by fall 4:28.

160 – Jackson (Holton) over Zac Stegeman (Olathe Northwest) by fall 0:50.

160 – Jackson (Holton) over Zach Lewis (De Soto) by fall 0:36.

160 – Joey Hancock (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Jackson (Holton) by dec. 4-3.

*Freshman Austin McCrory went 2-0.

170 – McCrory (Holton) won by forfeit.

170 – McCrory (Holton) won by forfeit.

*Sophomore Konnor Tannahill went 5-0.

195 – Tannahill (Holton) over Thomas Cook (Blue Valley West) by fall 1:20.

182 – Tannahill (Holton) over Max Knard (Olathe South) by major dec. 12-4.

182 – Tannahill (Holton) over Jake Herl (Olathe Northwest) by fall 1:32.

182 – Tannahill (Holton) over Luke Barger (De Soto) by fall 3:10.

182 – Tannahill (Holton) won by forfeit.

*Sophomore Jordan Huntington went 1-3.

195 – Jarek Braden (Olathe South) over Huntington (Holton) by dec. 7-2.

195 – Huntington (Holton) won by forfeit.

195 – Cooper Pflaum (De Soto) over Huntington (Holton) by dec. 8-5.

195 – Danny Carroll (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Huntington (Holton) by fall 2:39.

*Freshman Henry Katz went 1-1.

285 – Eliab Tafera (Olathe Northwest) over Katz (Holton) by fall 1:13.

220 – Katz (Holton) won by forfeit.

*Senior Drew Morris went 0-5.

285 – Jacob Goodin (De Soto) over Morris (Holton) by fall 0:55.

220 – Cade Conover (Olathe Northwest) over Morris (Holton) by fall 0:53.

220 – Caden Reeves (St. Thomas Aquinas) over Morris (Holton) by fall 0:00.

220 – Logan Caldwell (Blue Valley West) over Morris (Holton) by fall 0:45.

220 – Alec Younggren (Olathe South) over Morris (Holton) by fall 0:28.

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