Social media for Taliban terrorists but not for U.S. political opponents?

The world is watching and listening day after day now as the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is being ended, after more than 20 years there.

After the U.S. military’s imminent withdrawal was announced less than a week ago, the opposing Taliban terrorist forces in the country have been rapidly taking over military control of the country.

By all accounts, even from the U.S. national TV media that usually paints a rosy picture of everything that President Joe Biden does, the U.S. military exit plan from Afghanistan has been anything but smooth.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the reportedly several thousand American citizens and soldiers still in Afghanistan after the fall of Kabul, the capitol city,  not to mention the several thousand more Afghan people who have been serving U.S. interests there as interpreters or in other important ways.

The U.S. government has sent some military troops back to Afghanistan to secure an airport that will be vital to the successful evacuation of the remaining U.S. citizens, military and others.

Social media platforms provided by Twitter, Facebook and other tech giants are being used by Taliban terrorist leaders to plan their every move and to spread their propaganda to people in Afghanistan. The owners of these social media platforms reportedly openly admit that they are allowing the Taliban terrorists to utilize their communication tools.

Meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook and others continue to ban their political opponents in this country from using the same social media platforms.

Free speech for Taliban terrorists but censorship for American citizens? That does not sound right.

It would be shameful if the Taliban terrorists were able to succeed in Afghanistan because of their access to these social media platforms.

What more evidence do U.S. citizens need that these worldwide communication companies like Twitter and Facebook must be controlled and regulated, in the U.S., before it is too late for our country? 

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