Impeachment proceedings against President Trump should be watched closely

All Americans, regardless of political affiliation, should be concerned about the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump that are occurring at our nation’s capitol. Impeachment proceedings should be bi-partisan, but this one is not. It’s Democrat-led all the way.

At issue – at least on the surface – is a July 25 telephone call between President Trump and newly elected Ukrainian President Zelensky.

In the phone call, President Trump asked Zelensky to investigate any wrongdoings that may have occurred during the previous administration of President Barack Obama and his own predecessor’s administration  in Ukraine

At that time, it was already known that the son of former Vice-President Joe Biden – Hunter – was interestingly enough on the board of directors of a rich Ukranian energy company and being paid a very lucrative salary from that company.

There is a news video of then VP Biden bragging that he got a Ukranian prosecutor, who was looking into the Biden son’s energy company, fired. In the video, VP Biden threatened to with hold $2 billion in U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine unless the prosecutor was fired.

Hunter Biden, by the way, has since resigned from the foreign board position.

President Trump, in my opinion, should have the authority to investigate any wrongdoing that involves our U.S. government – even if it involves the former VP. Don’t you agree? If not the president, then who? Especially when the U.S. government is providing so much foreign aid but can’t seem to find enough funds to cover U.S. Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs.

Congressional Democrats leading the impeachment proceedings claim President Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless Zelensky assisted with the investigation that Trump wanted. But in fact Trump has been reviewing all deals that involve U.S. foreign aid being doled out. It is really about time some president did that.

The fact that the Congressional Democrats claim the impeachment investigation began because of a so-far un-named source should also concern all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

When did our country start prosecuting our president based on un-named sources? If this can happen to our president, what chance do regular citizens like you and me have against similar prosecution?

The fact that former VP Biden is now a Democratic presidential candidate should not shelter him from being investigated for the previous job he did as vice president, yet that is what the Congressional Democrats want to do.

If the Congressional Democrats really want to try and impeach the president using un-named sources and so-called witnesses with no direct evidence who just provide rumors and hearsay, then they are going to fail, in my opinion.

Regardless, all Americans should demand to know more about VP Biden’s direct and precise recorded threat to Ukraine officials.

It’s too bad that we must now pass specific new laws preventing the family members of Congressmen – and the Congressmen themselves - from benefiting monetarily from shady business ties with rich businesses in foreign countries while they are sworn to serve the citizens of the U.S. in their elected positions.

Of course, we already have laws against that but Congressmen have found ways over the years of getting around them and they think U.S. citizens don’t care and won’t prosecute them.

The longer this kangaroo court continues at Washington, D.C., the more it seems there are two sets of laws this country – one set for you and me and another set for the wealthy, ruling class. 

In further proof, former U.S. Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton didn’t even get a slap on her wrist for sharing classified (secret government) information on the private Internet server she had built for her at her home. Yet, if you or I had done that we would have been convicted of high crimes and sent to prison.

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