Land purchased for new Family Practice clinic in Hoyt

By Ali Holcomb

Rural Health Resources of Jackson County has purchased land just north of Denison State Bank in Hoyt to build a new clinic, according to Carrie Saia, Holton Community Hospital chief executive officer.

Family Practice Associates has operated a clinic at a residential home at 207 Highland Ave. in Hoyt since May 2004. When it was first established, the renovated residence was considered a temporary solution.

“We’ve been renting that home since then,” Saia said. “We feel like we are meeting the needs in the southern part of the county and that it is time for a more permanent solution.”

Saia said that a timeline for breaking ground and building the new facility have not yet been determined but that she has plans to meet with architects soon to discuss more details.

“I met with Hoyt City Council members in August about the new clinic and they were all very interested,” Saia said. “We’re in the early stages of planning.”

The new clinic will be located off of Kansas Highway 214 in Hoyt, just north of the bank.

“Right now it’s a grass lot,” Saia said. “We’ll have great visibility for the clinic at this location.”

Saia said the new clinic will have with more space and there could be potential to expand the clinic’s business hours and services.

Currently, the clinic in Hoyt is open from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Dr. Lee Schnee and Jamie Stuke, an advanced registered nurse practitioner, serve the facility.

“Jamie has been at the facility since 2008 and she is well established there and has a great following,” Saia said.